09 December 2006

Blizzard Dupes Me Again for (Hopefully) the Last Time

I'd been hearing good things about the new World of Warcraft patch, especially the new honor system that allows players to save up PvP honor to buy the high-end PvP gear. It sounded pretty exciting, because one of the major reasons I quit the game before was the fact that unless you were invited into a big raid guild or played PvP for hours each day, you were pretty much out of luck when it came to end-game items. With this new system, you can theoretically play whenever you have time and eventually earn enough honor to get the high-end items. With the new patch they also refunded everyone's talent points and came out with new talent trees. Unfortunately, the new Hunter tree isn't very exciting and doesn't really offer a lot of talents worth taking.
I restarted my account last night and repicked my talents, going with essentially the same build I'd had before. Then I went to the trainer and found out that I'd need like 50 Gold to buy back all of the ranks I'd lost with the new patch. That was disappointing.
Then I went to the Arathi Valley Battlemaster to do some PvP and check out the new honor system. As soon as I logged in, people on chat started yelling, "Don't try to win, just kill the LTs. You get 400 bonus honor for killing the LTs!" So now instead of fighting any opposing faction players or capturing towers, AV consists merely of following the pack to each high-level NPC and killing as many as possible to farm honor. Since I don't have a fast epic mount, I usually arrive at each NPC just in time to dismount, collect my honor, and mount up to go to the next one. So if I wanted to farm honor to get items, I'd have to spend hours doing nothing but riding my mount around with all the other players. No one is trying to win the game, no one is having any discernable fun, just honor farming en masse. I quit after two battles last night. Today I made it through part of one, hoping that since I started at a different time things would be different. I guess they really don't have any endgame content for solo players.
I cancelled my account today. They already have my 15 dollars for this month, so I guess my complaints don't matter to them. I hope they don't find some shiny new way to dupe me out of more money. I'd rather use up my hours painting more miniatures.

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