12 December 2006

End of the Fantasy Football Regular Season

I had a relatively successful week this week in Fantasy Football, going 3-1 to give me a 33-23 record for the year. In the 'Rama Football League, I beat the top-seeded team, but still missed the playoffs by one spot, going 7-7 and finishing 9th out of 16 teams.
In the TMP League I lost my game, but remained in first place out of 14 teams with an 11-3 record. I have a pretty good spot in the playoffs and I hope to do well there.
In won boh games this week in my public leagues. One team finished at 6-8 and goes into the consolation playoffs ranked 6th out of ten. Hopefully with a couple of wins I can take 5th place. My other public league team finished 2nd out of ten teams and goes into the playoffs with a 9-5 record.
Overall it's been a pretty good season, especially since I have three of my four teams playing into the postseason with a chance at some championships.
I haven't done any painting yet today, but hopefully I'll find some time this afternoon or evening to get those Jezzail teams done.

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