19 December 2006

Not Much Progress

I didn't really do anything with my miniatures today. Monday always sucks because on Mondays I work from 1:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. instead of my usual daytime schedule. So I come home from work and sleep for most of the day. It usually throws off my sleep schedule until at least Wednesday or Thursday. Hopefully soon I'll get enough seniority to get aschedule that doesn't require me to do the Monday thing. On a good note, I had my second six-month review at this job and got a bit of a raise. That's always a good thing because it means I can get more miniatures.
In Fantasy Football I had a better week than I anticipated. My first-place team lost their playoff game, so they drop into the consolation bracket to play for 5th-8th place. My second-place team won by two points and will play in the Championship game for that league next week. And my 6th-place team barely won this week to place me in the 5th-place game for that league. If I win all of my games from here on out, I can potentially end up with teams finishing in 1st/10, 5th/14, 5th/10, and 9th/16 for the season. It's not great, but any year that I win at least one championship is a good year.
I played around a little with the Blood and Swash rules today, just as a sort of playtest. I generated up some statistics for some pirates and rolled through a couple of combats. It should be pretty easy for my players to learn. I toyed around with pregenerating the stats when I run my game, but I think I will print out some blank stat cards and let the players generate their own before the game. There are four different stats (Slug, Shoot, Sword, and Save), all based on rolling a D20, so I'll probably let them roll 5D20 and keep the four best scores. All of the stats are generated by comparing the rolls to a chart which is different for each level of figure. For example, if you're rolling to generate the Sword stat for your Pirate Captain and a basic Crewman, a roll of 15 will give the Pirate Captain a Sword skill of 16 while the basic crewman would only get a 10 for the same roll. It sounds a lot more complex than it is, but in the little playtest I did, the Pirate Captain was very much able to defeat several basic crewman, which is as it should be in a cinematic game.
I have also been thinking of a follow-up scenario to the Tavern Brawl. If someone is able to make off with the Governor's daughter during the Tavern Brawl scenario, I want to run a cooperative game in which the Governor and the Pirates meet up to exchange the prisoner for the ransom. Of course, neither side trusts the other, and a battle erupts. Victory conditions will likely hinge on who ends up with the ransom and the daughter. I'm sure there are more scenarios to play, but I haven't put much thought into anything else yet.
I've been dreading doing the bases on my Skaven and my Pirates, but I think I need to get started. Tonight I'm going to try to get a couple sample bases started so I can at least have an idea of what I'm doing. I've already based a couple units of Skaven, but I'm not entirely happy with the ones I've done. I may just leave them as is and finish that army in the same style (the easy choice), or I may try to clean off those bases and do something different for the army (the hard choice). For the pirates I will probably do some sort of sandy beach theme. I thought about doing some sort of wooden planking, but I think the sand will work out better for me. My glue was frozen out in the shed, so I've got it on the heater vent warming up right now. Hopefully it's still okay to base with.
I'm getting a little excited for Christmas. We got a lot of presents that I think will be well-received. I also have a feeling that some of my presents are things I've had my eye on lately. I just have to clear out some space in my house for the new stuff.

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