27 January 2009

Today I did math. A whole bunch of it. I even figured out where the negative one goes once it's factored out. I am like a math loser. I can take the examples from the book and replicate the steps for the problems in the assignments, but I really don't understand what I'm doing most of the time. It's more of a "monkey see, monkey do" thing than anything else. But I managed to get through all 72 homework problems and get 100% on the quiz, so it was all worth it in the end. I could've just thrown that time away on World of Warcraft or Madden. Now I get to start it all over again.

I did manage to slap some primer on all of my assembled Space Marines as well, so the hobby side of things wasn't a total loss. And perhaps most importantly I figured out what to do with my Lieutenant and the Tactical Squad that will probably spend most of the game sitting on my home objective. Space Marines have the option to split units of ten into five-man combat squads, so I can split off the Sergeant, the Marine carrying the flamer, and three guys with bolters, then attach the Lieutenant to them and send them out to kill stuff. The rest of the squad can sit on the objective with the missile launcher and shoot at promising targets. Probably an even smarter idea would be to put the assault team and the Lieutenant in a Razorback and send them ahead all quick-like, but I don't have a Razorback and I do have a Predator. Doing the combat squads thing makes every unit in my army a five-man squad, so I'll have to learn to coordinate movements and have more than one squad hit at the same time to avoid being taken out by the enemy in a piecemeal fashion. When we make the move up to larger games my first step will be to expand all of these units out to the full ten figures that I'm allowed. And toss in a unit of Terminators. Anyway, I got some paint on some figures today so I'm happy about that.

Oh, and I've been listening to 40K Radio and The D6 Generation the last couple of days. They are both being sponsored by a new company called Battle Foam. They make foam trays for miniatures. I currently have my figures in ornament boxes, but they don't have any protection and when I transport them they tend to bang around. I am a rather cheap dude, but I am starting to think that instead of buying more figures I should start looking at some cases for transporting them. Realistically I have more than enough minis to last me through several years of painting, so maybe it's time I spent some time and resources protecting them. It's a thought.

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