20 January 2009

One quick post before bed. I'm finding it difficult to get into the mindset of being a student again. It doesn't help that my Cultural Anthropology professor has generated approximately 35 pages of instructions and announcements in the last 24 hours and in spite of all the practice has proven herself incapable of forming a complete and coherent sentence. She does have the ability to randomly alter the size and color of her text as a way to emphasize the important points in her meandering paragraphs. Apparently she is retired and only teaches one or two online sections, so she is free to lavish all of her attentions on the little website that acts as our classroom. It's too bad she doesn't spend a little of that free time doing some proofreading. My other classes shouldn't be too bad, assuming I can overcome the odds and pass my math class.

Given the amount of time I expect to spend lost in the world of education I can see that hobby time will be very limited. I may have to commit the cardinal sin of assembling my models and playing with partially-painted figures just as a way to actually get some games in during the few years it will take to earn my degree.

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