26 January 2009

Today I did math for most of the day. It's been awesome. I managed to clean off my desk a bit, so that's been nice. I was actually able to fit my textbook and graph paper on the tabletop. I would actually be working on the homework still, but the software had an error and I had to quit. Hopefully that gets sorted out. I am still unsure about my ability to get all of my homework done from week to week but the army is paying me money to go to school and if I drop out now I'll probably never go back, so I will have to find a way to get through it.

My wife dropped a shelving unit on her cell phone at work, so we get to replace that. At least we had insurance, so it was $40 instead of a couple hundred dollars. The slug-baby survived his first day of daycare, so that's good. After I went to the cell phone store to get that sorted out I stopped at Hobbytown to look around. They didn't have any of the new Ork releases, so there wasn't much to look at. I wish there was a little more info forthcoming about the Imperial Guard stuff that's coming out later in the year, but you can't have everything you want. Mainly I would like to know what they plan on doing with the Catachan Jungle Fighters. I have heard them being ridiculed quite a bit since I started looking at the Imperial Guard, but I like the look of the models and that's what really matters.

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