23 January 2009

I am at a bit of a sticking point in my homework. Some of the skills from school have come back fairly quickly (mostly the procrastination and lamentation skill sets) but I am finding myself blocked when it comes to writing a paper. The paper is due at 11 o'clock tomorrow night, but at noon we're going to our friends' home for a bit of a break. During the break I'll probably try to assemble the rest of my Space Marine infantry and perhaps make some headway on the Predator. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I've started drilling out the barrels on the Space Marine weapons. I don't always get them centered properly, but at least they have holes in the ends of the barrels. It doesn't take much time or effort with the pin vise and some drill bits. I wouldn't use the Dremel as it is liable to take too much plastic away at a rapid pace. But back to the schoolwork. I am generally optimistic about most of my classes but my Cultural Anthropology course looks to be a pain. The teacher is retired and teaches just the one class for fun. That means she is free to lavish all of her time and attention on the one section, and obviously thinks that we should all feel the same degree of excitement about it. That's fine if you're an Anthropology major and can't get enough of this stuff, but not so great if you're a person with a life who just signed up for it because it was one of the last online courses left with open registration. We'll see how it goes. I'm not hoping for a miracle, I just want to pass. A's will earn praise, but C's earn degrees, right?

edit: It would appear that I repeated much of my last post in this post. I am very likely losing my mind.

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