28 January 2009

I was randomly clicking around other people's wargaming blogs today when I happened upon these two posts that discuss the same thing I was discussing yesterday; that is, rare earth magnets on Razorbacks and Predators. But they take it steps further than I had discussed. These bloggers have magnetized just about everything. They can drop a Rhino roof and doors in and make the vehicle a Rhino. They can swap that out and add a Razorback turret if they feel like it. They can then swap out the Razorback turret and stick the Predator turret and sponsons on. Then after that they can change tha armament not only of the Predator turret, but also the armament of the Predator's sponsons. They also swap out the bustle racks on the back of the turret. That offers a lot of flexibility when building an army list. I may have to try it out.

In some personal good news I got hired on at my job. I was previously just a temp, but I put in an application and got hired to my job as a more permanent employee. The really good part of that is that I will be eligible for healthcare benefits after my wife gets laid off from her job in March. I didn't have enough time in the job to get hired on at the next pay grade (about $4,000 more per year), but if I hit a few goals over the next several months that will probably happen sooner rather than later. Either way I feel lucky to have a secure job that pays reasonably well in the current economy.

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  1. Good news on the job front - something very welcome in the current climate.