16 January 2009

Not much to report tonight. I spent the evening getting ready to go on my trip. I did find a little time to brush some varnish on my Tactical Squad and finalize my 750-point list. I toyed around with some different configurations and hopefully have something that will work well. I am torn about including the Predator tank. I think I may be better served by a Dreadnought or some more infantry and a Rhino or something to that effect. Depending on how many vehicles and armored targets my friend has in his army I may be in a little trouble, as my list seems to be a little heavier on the anti-infantry side. I couldn't find anything else that I really liked under the point constraints I had going, though, so I'm going to go with what I've got. The good news is that I only need to paint 16 more infantry and one tank to reach that particular goal.

The army features one full squad of 10 Tactical Marines. They get the free Flamer and Missile Launcher weapon upgrades. The Sergeant is the basic Bolt Pistol and Chainsword guy that comes with the squad. Since I didn't buy them a Rhino, they will probably stick around close to home base and act as defenders in any mission that involves objectives.

The rest of my units are fairly mobile or have rules that allow them to set up closer to the enemy. This will help me out against my friend's Tau as the Tau have some of the best shooting in the game. I have a unit of Scouts with Sniper Rifles and a Heavy Bolter. Their job will be to shoot up the Tau infantry and try to cause pinning tests, keeping the Fire Warriors' heads down so they can't shoot me up. My other Scout Squad is kitted out to be a poor man's tank killing unit. They've got a Missile Launcher as well as Melta Bombs and a Power Fist. Assuming there is something armored to kill, these guys will set up close to it and try to kill it. I also have a small unit of Assault Marines who will hopefully be able to take out my opponent's Kroot unit. They can Deep Strike during the game, which will hopefully keep them from getting killed by the Tau shooting before they can get stuck in close combat.

My Lieutenant rounds out the infantry. I'm still deciding where to slot him. The only unit he really fits in is the Tactical Squad. I may wind up sitting my Sniper Rifle Scouts on my home objectives and pushing the Tactical Squad out in order to get the officer involved in the fighting. And then I've got the Predator, which will probably try to support wherever the battle line needs some firepower. A Whirlwind or a Razorback with the Officer plus a combat squad might be a better choice for the points, but I don't have those models and I do have a Predator. I think someone famous once said that you go to war with the army you have. My main worries are that I don't have a lot of armor-killing units and that my squads may be too small. I suppose we will see what happens in an actual game before getting too crazy.

Last night I dug out all of my 40k models and ran the numbers through Army Builder. Depending on what wargear I choose, I've got around 2200 points in Orks and nearly 2900 points of Space Marines. Of course with the restrictions on army building I couldn't actually field all of the models at the same time except in an Apocalypse game, but I've certainly got a lot of painting to get to. So far I've got 250 points of Space Marines painted. It's a start.

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