27 January 2009

After some research on eBay I have discovered that I can order the Razorback turret from a reseller on eBay. That means that if I do not glue the turret of my Predator down when I build it, the same vehicle can perform double duty. Of course, if the Predator has side sponsons I'll have to swap those out as well. How? I think the answer is rare earth magnets. I can drill holes in the recesses where the sponsons go and mount magnets in them, then I can drill corresponding holes in the back of the sponsons and mount magnets in those. I'll have to do the same for a pair of Rhino doors, so I can use those when the vehicle is set up as a Razorback. It should work out pretty well. The good thing is that all of the magnet work will be hidden while the vehicle is assembled, so it won't have to be exceptionally pretty for my first try. I think if I can get the parts at a decent price that will be the option for me.

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