12 January 2009

I didn't get much done on my Space Marines this weekend as I was off playing with the National Guard. I did finish the basecoats on all of the weapons and other metallic bits this morning while the wife and kid were asleep. The rest of the day I tried to help with the baby a little so the wife could get packed for her trip down to Utah. I'll be flying down there to join her next weekend. I'm trying not to be grouchy about it as I would probably prefer to stay up here and do my own thing. I think my next painting project will be the Predator, followed by a full squad of ten Assault Marines. My 750-point list only calls for five Assault Marines, but I've got ten of them and I might as well paint the whole lot. Then I'll probably get the Lieutenant painted up and follow on with my Sniper Scouts. I'm pretty excited about the Sniper Scouts as they have cloaks that can be painted with some sort of camouflage scheme. It will be fun trying to come up with some sort of appropriate pattern for them. I also need to come up with a basing system for my army, as I don't see them fitting in well with bright shiny green grass. I'll probably try to do some sort of urban rubble.

Next week school starts and the wife goes back to work the week after so we'll see how that goes. It's hard to imagine fitting anything else into the schedule. We bought a baby swing from Craigslist today that he is content to sleep in for a decent amount of time, so that should free us up a bit. It's a big step up from one of us having to hold him at every moment during the day.

The weather is supposed to be clear here all week, so I'm going to try getting some use out of my motorcycle to save some gas money. With the wife taking her car to Utah I'll be stuck with the bike and the truck, and the bike seems like a better option as far as gas money. We'll see how I feel about it in the morning. I started it up and rode around the block this evening to make sure it was good to go.

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