11 February 2007

WoW, WWE, and Minis

Well, we had our "interview" for the Wrath of Astranaar guild that we wanted to join and they decided to let us in. I'm already having second thoughts, though, as I've been reminded of the reasons I stopped playing on PvP servers in the first place. I'm not really a PvP kind of guy. I like to be able to travel where I want and do what I want in-game without a lot of hassle. PvP just wastes my time. Other than that, the guild seems all right.

We went to the WWE event in Boise last night. It was okay, but not as good as the last two shows. I think part of it was because they held the event in a larger venue, even though they'd never sold out the smaller arena. So the crowd noise and presence wasn't as good.

It didn't help that the wrestlers avoided interacting with the crowd. The crowd interaction is the main part of the event, in my opinion. Otherwise it really is just watching people pretend to hit each other. In the previous shows, lots of wrestlers grabbed the mic and made sure that the crowd knew they were the bad guy or the good guy. Then they played up those roles in the match. It's kind of like in old movies. When the villain shows up, they play the evil music and the guy has a thin moustache, oily hair, and is dressed in black. That cues the crowd to boo and hiss. When the hero shows up, they play the heroic music and the hero is a clean-cut guy dressed in white. Yesterday I think the wrestlers were just going through the motions to get the paycheck. The only wrestler who really seemed to get into it was John Cena, the current champion. And even then, he spent his time talking about Boise State University's football team, which makes me sick to think about.

Probably the most entertaining part of the show was Superfan, a guy sitting a few rows in front of us. Wrestling is obviously his entire life, and he was stoked to be there. Every time anything happened he would leap from his chair and yell and wave his arms and sing along to the entrance songs. He must have got there early and bought every T-Shirt they offered, because during intermissions he would pull out his bag and go through each shirt, patting it, looking at the graphics, and showing it to his friends. When the wrestling started back up he'd put all of the shirts in the bag, set it down next to him, and jump up to cheer again.

I started working on my remaining Poisoned Wind Globadiers. I'm hoping to have them finished up sometime in the near future, but there are no real guarantees with that. I've been puttering around my hobby desk, but not being very productive. I did plan out my Orc General and Battle Standard Bearer. I even clipped my unused bits off the sprue and put them in a drawer. I'm going to need a bigger drawer for my Clanrats bits.

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