01 February 2007

True to my predictions, the slaves came loose from the Warp-Lightning Cannon last night while I slept. I think my superglue lost it's adhesive properties again, which happens from time to time with superglue (usually in the middle of a project). Today I broke down and got some two-part epoxy. If that doesn't hold the blasted thing together I really will throw the whole thing at the wall and paint up two extra Rat Ogres. A unit of seven Rat Ogres may seem like a bit much, bit you have to do what you have to do.
There are about four other guys at work who are in the National Guard, and from an informal poll I conducted I have determined that everyone in the Guard hates drill weekend. Except maybe the General. From what I hear, his drill weekend consists of sending an aide to the bank to cash his paycheck into one-dollar bills, and then having a group of enlisted soldiers dump the money into a kiddie pool. Once they have used hair dryers to evenly heat the bills to a proper temperature, he climbs in, lounges about for a few hours and then goes home, having successfully completed his duties. At least that's what I hear he does.
The Officer Candidate School rep came to our last drill weekend and told all three of the people who went to his briefing about the perks of being an officer, with a strong emphasis on the monetary benefits and the automatic promotions to Captain level. I've put off deciding to be an officer for a while because I've maintained that I'm getting out of the Guard as soon as possible. Well, the truth is that I'm probably in for my 20 years, so I should probably go back to school in the fall and sign up for OCS when I have enough credits to do so. That will probably happen sometime in 2013.

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