09 February 2007

Before work today I put some primer on my last three Poisoned Wind Globadiers. I also clipped Clanrat Slave parts off of sprues in preparation for the next addition to my army. I was going to work on painting the Globadiers tonight after work, but I ended up goofing off on World of Warcraft instead, finishing some quests, leveling up my Fishing skill, and trying to find the materials so I can have a Tailor craft me a Lavender Mageweave Shirt.
I went through my miniatures bin today with the intention of stripping all of my leftover parts off of their sprues and sorting them into my bits cabinet. After finding approximately 9 million sprues in my painting corner I decided that discretion was the better part of valor and I retreated back to the couch where it was relatively safe.
I think my wife and I are going to join that guild from the magazine, but with my work schedule I haven't been online at the right times to talk to the guild leaders. I have been posting a lot on their forums, though. It turns out there are a few people in the guild with Warhammer armies in various stages of completion.

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  1. Your comment about WoW players with Warhammer armies brought back some memories... back when we played Everquest, we were in a guild where some of the people also had 40K or fantasy armies. Some would hang out on guild chat while painting!