16 February 2007

Giant: Work in Progress Pics

I've started work on the Giant, and the really hard part (in my opinion) is over. I'm done with his skin, but I still have a lot of details left to paint. With the detail work I'm working on one appendage at a time, so at the moment I'm working on his right arm. I've painted the leather belt on his upper arm and the handle to his club, but I haven't finished the dragon skull. I'll probably finish his face and beard next, followed by his left arm, his legs, and the base.
I'm pretty happy with the way his skin turned out. The basecoat and shading was done in accordance with the tutorial in the White Dwarf magazine, but when I got to the highlights their mix turned out wrong, so I just used progressively lighter versions of the basecoat. It's pretty basic skin tones, just on a much larger scale than I'm used to. Hopefully I'll be able to meet or beat my timeline and get him finished on time, although doing a good job is more of a priority for me than time constraints.

And this is our stupid dog with my huge pile of junk behind him. When we got him from the evil pet store he was sick and malnourished, but as you can see, he's filled out quite well since then.

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