06 February 2007


I had an exciting time on my way home from drill this weekend. A couple of miles down the interstate I pulled into the left lane to pass a truck. As I came around the bend I saw some debris in the road. I didn't have anywhere to go, so I went over it. It was just some little junk, so I didn't think much of it until I heard my tire start spitting chunks off of itself and blow up. I got to the side of the road and put on the spare. But my spare is the sort that needs to be pumped up before you can drive on it, so I had to wait for the tow truck guy to get there. Several of the guys from my National Guard unit either stopped or called me as they went past to see if I needed any help. There were a lot of people who drove by and either honked or yelled. I'm not sure if it was because I was in uniform or just because it's funny to harass stranded motorists. Also, drivers from Oregon seem to be morons. For one, they're not allowed to pump their own gas. Secondly, it seemed like everywhere I went this weekend, some car with Oregon plates was cutting me off, driving erratically, weaving back and forth between lanes without using their turn signals, being driven by someone talking on a cell phone, or some combination of the above.
Anyway, I ended up buying new tires for my car today. I need to do the brakes on my car soon, too. And probably replace the shocks. I guess it could be worse. I could be riding a moped.
Today I got the last miniatures I need for my new 2000-point Skaven list, and the unit of Slaves I need for the 2250-point list. So to get my army to 2250 points, I just have to paint 3 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, 1 Giant, and 20 Slaves.
I've been thinking about getting a part-time job somewhere until school starts in the fall, just to bring in some extra money. There's a gas station right by my full-time workplace that's hiring for odd shifts, so maybe I'll apply there. It won't be a lot of money, but it might be enough for a car payment or something.
Sometimes I wonder if visitors are creeped out by the fact that the only artwork in our trailer is a poster of David Hasselhoff.

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