01 February 2007

I finally finished the painting and assembly of the Warp-Lightning Cannon. The custom base I made for it is drying at the moment. It should be ready for painting and flocking tomorrow.
If I hadn't been highly motivated to see the project through tonight I think I would've thrown the model at the wall and painted up two Rat Ogres to make up the points. The Warp-Lightning Cannon is not very well sculpted. Once I finally figured out how the gunner was supposed be attached it took about 57 tries to line up his seat in the exact spot where his lever arm could be fitted to the firing mechanism. Of course the pieces still didn't line up at all, so I had to use little bits of green stuff to fill the gaps. That was a nightmare in itself. The slaves broke free from their attachment points several times before I finally got them securely glued in place. I'm half expecting to wake up in the morning to find that the entire model has disassembled itself on my desk overnight.
For the base I used a piece of sheet styrene cut out to the size of a credit card. To avoid just sticking the cannon to a bit of plastic and also conceal the slotta tabs on the slaves, I covered the entire base with a layer of spackle, which I spread out and flattened using my hands (I was wearing latex gloves and had dipped my hands in water, otherwise the spackle was more attracted to my fingers than the base and would peel off and go everywhere. Once that was done, I set the cannon down on the spackle to mark where the wheels sit. I used a craft stick to make ruts from the positions of the wheels back to the edge of the base, to show that the Cannon had been pushed there by the slaves, as opposed to just falling from the sky.
Tomorrow I'll permanently mount the Cannon onto the base and hopefully get all of the painting and basing out of the way. After a quick shot of clearcoat the Cannon should be finished. Then I can get to work on my last couple of Globadiers and hopefully get motivated to get the Giant and a unit of Slaves done up for my 2250-point list.

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