02 February 2007

Finished with a Project (Sort Of)

Well, the Skaven army as I originally envisioned and purchased it is entirely done, and only about a month behind schedule. All 196 (approximate number, as that is the number I've come up with most often when counting them) miniatures in the army are painted, clearcoated, based, and when appropriate, mounted in movement trays. Technically the army won't be finished until I purchase and paint a couple more Poisoned Wind Globadiers, but the original project is done.
I think I'll hand out a couple of awards in celebration. First, The Most Frustrating Miniature Ever: the Warp-Lightning Cannon. From clean-up to assembly (especially assembly) to painting and basing, the whole thing was a nightmare. I never want to touch another one of these castings again. There are no runners up for this award, as nothing else even came close.
My second award is for Most Fun to Work On. I have to go with the Rat Ogres on this one. I got to do a little of everything on them, including sculpting with green stuff, painting rust, pustules, veins, bones, warpstone, and all manner of mutations. I had fun putting them together, and I had fun painting them. The runner up for this award is the two units of Night Runners. Their urban camo paint scheme was a lot of fun to come up with and paint.
The award for Most Likely to Star in an Action Film goes to my Ratling Gunner. He's wearing a muscle shirt and carrying a huge multi-barreled gun. I've named him Rat-Bo.
And finally, the award for Most Severed Body Parts on a Banner goes to my Battle Standard Bearer. He's got a severed head, a severed hand, a skull from some form of cattle, and a streamer of humanoid skulls. Runner-up honors go to my Warlord, as the surpised look on the face of his banner's severed head still makes me laugh. Below you can see a slightly blurry picture of the finished Warp-Lightning Cannon and a photo of the entire army.

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