13 February 2007

A Roadblock to my World Domination

I was going to slap some clearcoat and flocking on my Globadiers today, but when I opened my bottles of clearcoat they had mysteriously become empty. So I'll have to wait until I get some spending money again to continue work on them. However, I did take the Giant out to the shed and got him all primed up. So I'm pretty much ready to undertake the Giant project. Since I've never painted up a big figure like this, I'll be working off of the tutorial in White Dwarf #316, at least the parts that deal with painting the Giant's skin. Hopefully the skin will only take 2-3 days. Then I'll shoot for having the rest of the figure done in about that same time frame. So, barring any sort of life event that takes me outside of my house, I should be able to finish him up within a week. I'll give myself 10 days, so hopefully I'll be posting pics of the completed Giant by the 23rd of February, 2007.
I stayed up late last night reading the Wrath of Astranaar guild forums, watching PvP videos, and downloading various User Interface addons. Now I'm too tired to go to work. I think my problem in PvP is that I'm too used to PvE, where I don't move around at all. My pet tanks and I stand there and do DPS. I need to learn to run around while playing. I watched a movie with a Gnome Mage that actually sheeped other players and then went around a corner to drink and get his mana up before coming back around the corner to start the fight back up. I could probably do stuff like that with my Hunter's traps. My sister and her husband never stand still in fights. It makes my wife and I crazy because they run all over and we lose track of the mobs because we're stationary fighters.

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