05 March 2010

White Dwarf Complaints, Space Marine Plans

I haven't posted much lately because I haven't had much to post about. I've even sat down a few times to write something up and just haven't had anything really to say. I've also been pretty busy with school and work. I am pretty tired of going to school, but I've apparently still got 4 more years left at my current rate. If I could take more credits every semester I'd have a degree in 2.5 years, but that seems unlikely at the moment. And if I have to cut back on credits because of classes that don't fit with my work schedule I will be 40 before I have a degree. That's what I get for squandering my youth.

I have also been working on a 1000-point list for my Space Marines. A key weakness in my 750-point list was a complete lack of weapons for killing vehicles. It didn't matter in the context of fighting against the matching list I constructed for my Orks, but it matters against just about anything else. So I added some melta weapons to the list as well as a couple of other things. I also added in some stuff I had wanted to build anyway, like a squad of Assault Terminators and a Land Speeder Storm for my Scout squad.

The Assault Terminators are exciting. I picked the parts out of my bits box. They are from a large variety of kits and chapters, with a heavy emphasis on stuff from the Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminators box. There are also some Dark Angels and Black Templars parts as well as vanilla Space Marine Terminator stuff. But I think that most folks who see them would notice the Space Wolf parts first. I think the Terminator Sergeant will probably draw a lot of attention on the table as his cloak and bulk will make him look pretty intimidating. I am not going to be painting them as Space Wolves, as my Marines all wear the colors of my still nameless homebrew Chapter. If only I could get this excited about finishing my Razorback. The stuff I've done to it so far doesn't look too bad. I've just been short on time and motivation to do anything but sleep when I have free moments.

I e-mailed a complaint letter to Games Workshop concerning my White Dwarf subscription. For the last few months it has been arriving later and later, two or three weeks after it arrives in the store. Last month's issue still hasn't arrived, and this month's issue is already on the shelves. This month is supposed to be the last month of my subscription, so I am trying to decide if I want to renew or not. I think I'd rather pay the three extra dollars each month and get the magazine on time than save some money and get it extremely late or not at all. I've seen the issue crop up on a few other blogs, so it's not just a problem I'm having.

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  1. A complaint as old as time. I ended up just buying them off the newsstand in the late 90s.