06 March 2010

Assault Terminators Assembled

I got my Terminators put together today. I'd say it took me 35 minutes to an hour to get each of them put together. Some people complain about it taking a long time to put together plastic figures, but selecting parts from the sprue and putting them together is one of my favorite parts of the hobby.

These are the two with Lightning Claws. There aren't a lot of different ways to pose Lightning Claw arms, but I was able to use a good mix of components from my Space Marine bin.

The Sergeant here isn't wearing his big wolf cloak yet, as it will be impossible to paint him with it glued on. With his Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield held out so far to the sides and his cloak extending to the rear he is going to be a very large and intimidating model out on the table. It was a real chore to find components that would work together with the cloak, and it was even more of a chore to get everything test-fitted and make sure he would go together right. I needed about three more hands to hold everything in place for test-fitting. I don't have any poster putty or Blu-Tac to help with test-fitting models. His cloak will need some green stuff work done to fit properly, but it will fit around all the other stuff he's wearing.

And these are my Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield guys. I like the idea of dudes with huge crackling hammers banging on tanks and rattling the crews inside. I spent several years as a driver on an M1A1 Abrams, and the driver's seat is pretty comfortable by Army standards. During certain parts of training the driver's only real job is to watch the battery meter and keep the heater running. Inevitably the driver falls asleep and when it comes time to wake him up the other members of the crew will hit the front slope of the tank with a hammer or a helmet. It's a pretty startling noise to wake up to, sort of like having someone wake you up from your bed by banging a couple of pots together near your head.

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