11 March 2010

The Multi-Melta

My Multi-Melta parts arrived in the mail today, so I should be able to at least get that Space Marine put together. The mail from Texas always seems to arrive in Idaho faster than any other mail. My orders from Reaper rarely take more that two or three days, and the little package containing the Multi-Melta arrived from Texas in two days. There must be a time-warp between here and there, probably somewhere in Colorado. Still waiting on the parts for a Combi-Flamer.

I've been wanting to take my Space Marines out of their box so I can set them out in a parade formation, but my boy is always waiting in the wings with his destructive little hands quivering in anticipation. Sometimes he pats the top of the box and begs me with his dark little reptilian eyes to open it and let him toss the Marines down the stairs. I guess we should have thought twice before naming him after a comic book hero whose trademark saying is, "It's clobberin' time!"

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