10 March 2010

Mustache March

A group of us at work decided last week that since we can't participate in No-Shave November we should at least do Mustache March. The requirement is that everyone should grow a mustache during the month of March. On the day there was much agreement, but on Tuesday when we returned to work after the weekend only two of us had held firm. The only other guy to show up with a mustache is leaving to go to Iraq in a week, so his last day was today. That leaves me as the only one with a mustache. I admit that it looks ridiculous and even I can't take myself seriously knowing that it's there on my face, but I feel a need to see the joke through for a while longer. Besides, I think it will go well with my new Three Wolf Moon shirt.

The only problem is that anyone who doesn't get the joke will think that I wear the shirt and mustache as an actual lifestyle choice. I guess being misunderstood is one of the risks of being an artist.


  1. In Australia we call it 'Movember' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movember

  2. i see ur 3 wolf moon and raise u 3 keyboard cat moon!