15 March 2010

Busy Busy Busy

It seems like every semester has a point where school, the day job, and the National Guard all pile up for a couple of weeks, leaving me no real time for anything but work. I've just dropped into that warpstorm and will probably not surface much over the next few weeks. Hopefully I make it to the other side without picking up any Chaos mutations.

All the pieces for my new Space Marine list have arrived. Hopefully at some point I will be able to find a few minutes to get them all glued together.

With my last couple days of freedom I did a couple of fun things. On Friday I attended the Boise Roadster Show with my parents and a couple of my siblings. There were plenty of nice cars on display. It's the sort of event that makes you want to build a hot rod of your own, but that is a spendy proposition. It's the kind of hobby that makes miniatures look cheap.

On Saturday we went to The Melting Pot with another couple. It was a pretty fun time and the food was pretty good.

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