07 March 2010

My Kingdom for a Multi-Melta

I've been reworking my Space Marine list to make it work a little better on paper. At least in theory; I don't really know the rules and I've only actually played once. The one time I played, though, I found that I could not kill vehicles at all. So in moving the list from 750 points to 1000 points I've decided to add some vehicle-killing stuff. I assigned some basic tasks to each of my units and then built the Sergeants and weapon teams to match the tasks.

In putting the figures together I found that I was short a few weapons (a Combi-Melta, a Combi-Flamer, and a Multi-Melta). The Combi-Melta was found in a box from the closet where I had a bag of bits from a commander sprue. The makings of a Combi-Flamer are on their way in the form of another commander kit.

The Multi-Melta is something I just don't have. The part can only be found in the Space Marine Devastator box set which will cost around $30 at the local shop, maybe a bit less if I use my member's coupon. Or I could pay $6-9 on eBay to get just the Multi-Melta parts from a bits scalper who buys boxes of figures and sells the high-demand stuff like Multi-Meltas and Twin-Linked Assault Cannons at inflated prices. Neither option is that great, but in most cases I'd rather buy the box and put all the other parts in my bits box for use at a later date when I need a Plasma Cannon or a servo-skull. I will wind up doing one or the other, but I have to grumble about it here because grumbling is half the battle. In the meantime I will use a Missile Launcher in place of the Multi-Melta because they cost the same number of points and I've already got one painted.


  1. Lemme look in my bits box.

  2. I've got plaenty of multi-meltas, need one, mail me.

  3. Thank you for the offers; unfortunately in my haste to get the project underway I'd already placed several bids on eBay. One of them was successful, so for the moment I do not need more Multi-Meltas.