20 February 2010

Time for an Inventory?

I went to my cousin's house yesterday after work. He's been thinking of refocusing on his favorite armies and downsizing parts of his collection. While we were discussing his armies he asked me what I need for my Space Marines. The question sort of blind-sided me, even though I knew I was going over there to look at his Marines. Upon reflection I realized that I didn't really have a lot of needs for my Warhammer Fantasy and 40k armies.

For Space Marines I guess my one weakness was vehicles, and even there I had a representative collection that includes a Land Raider, a Predator, a couple of Rhinos, a Razorback, a Dreadnought, and a Land Speeder or two. For infantry I am pretty well set for any game that can be finished in the course of an evening, with enough guys to swap out different weapon builds and whatnot. I don't have much in the way of guys on bikes or chaplains/librarians. What I am really missing is the time and the drive to get guys put together and play games with friends. So I guess the short answer to all of my problems is to make some friends and convert my shelves full of boxes into shelves full of assembled figures that will eventually turn into shelves full of painted figures.

I came home with a nice box of goodies. There are six early-edition vehicles, four Rhinos and two Predators, one with a Lascannon turret and one with the Autocannon turret. These kits predate my involvement in miniature wargaming by several years, and are pretty cool from a retro gamer standpoint. A few of them are missing exhaust pipes or have broken antennas, but I already have plans for remedying that.

I also got a neat resin Drop Pod from Forge World. I did not have any Drop Pods, and I am interested in trying it out sometime. The box also contains a couple of Marine figures, a Master of the Chapter with a big hammer and a Standard Bearer for a Command Squad.

And for Warhammer Fantasy he sent me home with six or seven hundred points of Dwarves that are all put together and ready to be added to the 1000-point army sitting on my painting desk. He also had a spare Skull Pass rulebook. About ten minutes after I got home I found my copy of the rulebook in a place I could swear I checked a dozen times this week. At least I only had to borrow a copy of the book to help me find it rather than pay the going rate of around $20 on eBay for it.

Perhaps most importantly I came home with a little motivation to get some things going and hopefully get a few games in before I go overseas, even if I have to play with unpainted figures. It was nice to sit around and talk to someone who is enthusiastic about the universe and the games, as well as to see someone else's painted figures in person rather than just reading about them in a blog. I was particularly impressed by the Valkyrie, the Sisters of Battle, and some of the Imperial Guard conversions that he's done to represent particular units.

Now I think it's time to go through my shelves and determine what I've got for each army and how many points that works out to.

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