10 February 2010

No Sleep

My cough has really hit me now that it's nighttime and it is preventing me from sleeping. In four hours I have to get up and go to work. My coworkers will probably be averse to my coughing fits, but I need my paycheck so I can pay my bills. As one of my teachers used to say all the time, "Ya gotta feed your kids!" Even though I stayed home all day I didn't get much accomplished. The textbook I was trying to read is an online book, and I found myself easily distracted. I was able to finish the reading assignment from an honest-to-goodness paper book, but the online text scrolled slowly and the words were blurry. I found myself having to read every page three or four times before I really absorbed it. I wonder if the act of reading from a screen is what did it? Do I pay less attention to things I read online? Does my attention span only last as far as the next hyperlink? Not really what I planned to write about, but there it is.

No miniatures work for me since the last update. I toyed around with the Reaper Warlord army list program (not allowed to call it an army builder, apparently, since the creator of the Army Builder program sent out a hasty cease and desist letter to some forum moderator and the internets have been abuzz with backlash, partial retractions, and posturing on all sides) a day or two ago and came up with a list of figures I'd like to get. And instead of doing any of the things I talked about doing with my spending money last week I decided to order a few of those Reaper figures. I also went to Hobbytown and got some acrylic thinner for my airbrush. I didn't really like how it worked with water (although the problem could really be my methods) and I thought I'd give it a try. Perhaps the thinner won't spray so wet.

Not much else to report. I gave our dogs a bath, which is always an adventure. They don't like being bathed and it was quite a chore to get the Lab into the tub. The Basset Hound is slow and not extremely heavy so he can be scooped up and placed in the tub. The Lab is all legs and claws in addition to being mentally deficient and panicky, so eventually I just had to hulk out and snatch her up by her scruff and her hindquarters and carry her to the tub. Once in the tub they must constantly be fielded as they will try to get out or at least as far away from the water as possible. I'm pretty sure I didn't swear during this round of baths, so it's an improvement from the past. They don't really smell any better now. They just smell different, like if you poured a bucket of soapy water on a turd. There is some sort of science to it, something about the water activating sebaceous glands in the dog's skin that release Sebum to combat cold and dehydration. Then bacteria break down the Sebum and the dogs smells. Science!

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  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I had to chuckle at your description of bathing your dogs. I have a Lab, too, and it's a royal pain in the ass getting him in the tub. Actually, getting him into the tub is easy compared to *keeping* him in the tub!