17 February 2010

Some Fun Online Tools

Here are a couple of fun things to help pass a little time online. First up is the Harley Davidson online customizer, which allows you to take one of their motorcycles and add various parts to it. I'm partial to all-black bikes, but there are plenty of fun builds to choose from. Just don't look at the payment calculator while your significant other is around.

Next up is the AR-15 Builder, which lets you build various versions of the M-16 or M-4 family. There are even a few pre-built models to look at if you're stuck for ideas.

And finally, for those who paint miniatures is Reaper's new Power Palette, which lets you upload a photo and figure out which colors from Reaper's paint range will match the colors in the picture. I believe there are conversion guides out there on independent sites that will allow you to convert Reaper colors to other commonly-used brands of paint, but I do not have any bookmarked at the moment.


  1. As cool as the power palette seems to be, take some of its weaknesses into consideration.

    It depends seriously on how well calibrated your monitor is, and how well calibrated was the monitor they used for preparing this tool.

    More about this issue here:


  2. I could play with the AR-15 builder all day.