13 February 2010

Neck Agility

The motorcycle shop called me today and let me know the stuff I'd ordered was in; they seemed surprised that I went in and picked it up today. I didn't want to have to make the trip into town again tomorrow and today was an early day at work, so I was able to get my stuff and still get home before rush hour hit. The boots fit me pretty well. They are the same style as my previous boots, but a larger size as my old boots squeezed my toes a lot. Now I just have to get my bike registration renewed. There were a lot of bikes out on the road today. It's always fun to look at what people are riding. At the shop they had a new 2010 Honda CBR 1000RR on the showroom floor that was a treat to look at, but that sort of bike is well out of my price range and not much use for commuting anyway. It sure is pretty, though.

My order from Reaper arrived the other day. One of the figures had his weapon broken off due to a packaging error. The blister they put him in is too small to adequately hold the entire figure, so the weapon was partially sealed into the edge of the plastic and broke off at a weak point. I may be able to fix it with some drilling and gluing, but I may not be able to. I e-mailed the customer service department about it and I'm waiting on a response from them.

I went to work today, so that was good. I only had to step outside once or twice for a bout of coughing. There is plenty of work on tap. The boss is going to be in the office on Monday in spite of the holiday. I've contemplated going in to get things caught back up, but will have to wait and see how much homework I get through tomorrow.

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