02 February 2010

Some Painting Progress and 40k Thoughts

Today I went to my second class of the evening and found a sign on the door announcing that class was canceled. So I went home and sat around for a little while deciding whether to do homework or take some free time to do something fun. The wife and the boy had gone to my parents' house for the evening, so I had a little free time all to myself. At first I thought I might clean up my unit of Dwarf Slayers and put them on bases, but I hate cleaning mold lines and flash from metal models and I didn't really feel like dragging the epoxy out either.

So I put some paint on Lord of the Rings Easterlings for a couple of hours. They are very close to being finished; just a couple more colors and I'll consider them done. I guess it would make sense to work on projects that might actually go somewhere, but the Easterlings are almost done and I still hold some hope in my heart of getting all the figures I need to do justice to my Lord of the Rings miniature wargaming plans.

I briefly considered putting a movie on or playing some music while I painted, but decided against it. I tend to use painting time as a chance to think about things. I guess you could call it a form of meditation. I don't sit down with an agenda or anything. Today I thought about a backstory for my 40k armies and how I would build and paint an Ork Stompa if I ever get another one. The first one got sold at a bit of a loss when things were a little tight during the house-buying process.

I also considered some of the problems the Imperium might have during a protracted war against Orks. The Orks would be more than willing to use captured Imperial equipment as wargear or parts for wargear, but the Imperial Guard and especially Space Marines would never use Ork gear. Even Imperial gear that was recaptured from the Orks would have to basically be rebuilt and cleaned up before it could be reused. Along those same lines, I considered how insulting it would be to the Space Marines if one of their Brother Dreadnoughts were to be captured and turned into an Ork Dreadnought. That affront alone would probably be enough to bring the full weight of a Space Marine Chapter down on an Ork warband.

The rest of my thoughts were centered on personal or family business, so I won't share them here. Hopefully I can find a few more hours over the next few months to get some painting in and tie up a few projects. Once again I have stayed up far too late and will have to drag myself out of bed in the morning.


  1. (Allow me to be a bit pedantic for a moment) - during the Armageddon campaign, some Catachan units on extended patrol started using Ork equipment to form specialized 'Ork Hunter' groups. They make neat conversions!

    I do agree on the sentiment towards a captured SM Dreadnought...

  2. I suppose I should read the fluff before pontificating about the 40k universe. In my version of the galaxy, a local member of the Commisariat would've had the whole unit executed for using non-Emperor-approved equipment.

    Just from a safety perspective, I'm not sure I would trust my life to Orky equipment. The random explosions and mishaps that provide such comedy to the Orks might prove a little more damaging to humies.