06 February 2010

Spoiled for Choices

I dropped the wife and boy off at the airport on Thursday for their three-week trip to Georgia. Hopefully I survive while they're gone as I don't cook very well and often forget to eat. I will miss having them around. That kid is learning and growing so quickly that he hardly seems like the same person, even after two or three weeks away. He's started to say, "Uh oh!" whenever he falls over and he also likes to spin in circles until he gets dizzy. He's really taken to being a biped and now runs at full speed just about everywhere he goes.

I went to the motorcycle shop, as I've been holding on to the gift certificate I got when I bought my bike and I figured it was time to use it. I've lost it once or twice already and I didn't want it to disappear for good sometime. I ordered a pair of riding boots and a hoodie. With my military discount the cashier told me I still had a bit of credit left, so I ordered a t-shirt too. While I was there I (of course) had a look at all the bikes. There were plenty of nice ones on offer, but I don't need a new bike at all. I'd like to do a couple of things to my current one at some point. It's still pretty fun as it is, though. Today I got the bike out of the garage, put on my jacket and helmet, and was just about to get on and ride away when I realized the registration had expired at the end of December. Oops. I'll have to get that sorted out on Monday.

I went to the hobby shops too, looking around at different stuff. I've got a small bit of spending money in my pocket and I'm not sure what to do with it. I could buy the AK47 Republic rules, but I don't have any figures that could stand in for AK47 forces. A new rulebook won't help me out much as I've got plenty of rulesets. I could get a starter fleet for Uncharted Seas and depending on which fleet I get I could add in a pack of templates as well. I could try to hold on to the cash for a while and save up for a big kit like an Ork Stompa or a magazine subscription. My White Dwarf subscription will run out in another month or two. I've got more than enough kits for most of my armies but I suppose I could also supplement my Empire army with some stuff, maybe a box or two of infantry. Choosing what to do is probably more fun than the actual transaction.

On Thursday evening I also sat down and finished up my batch of Easterlings. So now I've got 20 Easterlings all painted up. I think there are 8 archers, 8 swordsmen, and 4 halberdiers. Now I've got to decide what to work on next. I would post a photo or two but I'm pretty sure my wife took the cameras to Georgia with her.

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