21 February 2008

So close...

All that's left to paint on this batch of Easterlings is weapons, boots, and belts. I added some blue to their uniforms to help break up the red and bronze a bit. I think it looks quite smashing, although it took a little while for it to grow on me. I think I've still got enough staying power to finish off all my Easterlings before I move on to something else. Aside from my DBA armies, I could probably spend the rest of the year working solely on Lord of the Rings figures. I may do that, as I am not sure how long the line will continue being produced. I don't know all of the legal implications, but it appears that New Line (the company that made the Lord of the Rings movies) worked the accounting out in their books to make it appear that the movies didn't make any money. Since the movies technically didn't make a profit, New Line didn't pay the Tolkien estate any money for the rights to use Tolkien's books. So the Tolkien estate is suing New Line and has blocked the movie based on The Hobbit from being made. Since the Games Workshop figures are based on the movies and appear to be licensed through New Line, a possible result of all this legal stuff is that the Games Workshop figures could be taken off the market, causing much anguish among those gamers (like me) who have unfinished forces for several factions.

Pretty much every other line of figures I buy frequently or have plans for is fairly stable. The Warhammer games probably aren't going anywhere, historicals are pretty stable since you don't really have to license history from a movie company, and Reaper's figure lines don't appear to be in imminent danger of cancellation. That's my line of reasoning. And if all of this gets settled and Games Workshop produces Lord of the Rings figures for 30 more years, at least I was motivated to really get after a project and see several forces completed.

[In this space I very nearly went into a lengthy explanation about my excitement over picking up Felipe Lopez for my Fantasy Baseball team and the possibility of platooning him with Jim Thome as a way to combine a .260-76-10-56-23 player and a .274-84-39-110-0 player to make a .267-80-25-83-12 player, which is a lot more useful to me than either player would be on his own.]

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