29 February 2008

I had a bunch of vacation saved up and really didn't want to go to work anymore, so I decided to take Friday-Monday off and have a four-day weekend. I have a few plans as far as what I'm going to do with my time off, but nothing is really set in stone. I cleaned up a little in the computer room this evening and watched a movie with the wife. I was hoping that the big envelope in the mailbox today was my copy of Battlegames #11, but instead it was my wife's pattern book for crocheting Care Bears.

I also got a surprise package in the mail. I always think about mail bombs when I get surprise packages but I'm not really important enough to be the target of anything but a random attack, so I ruled that out. It was from Beckett Media, and I couldn't for the life of me recall ordering anything from Beckett recently. So I opened up the box and found that I'd won a Molten Core Raid Deck for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game from Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine. Last year when I was playing World of Warcraft regularly I bought a subscription to the magazine, and in every issue there is a survey you can fill out and send in to enter yourself into a contest. Apparently my survey got chosen and I won a prize. So that was a nice bonus for me today.

Tonight I plan on going through my Lord of the Rings army lists and figuring up exactly which boxes and blister packs I need to finish all of the armies. That way I can make sure to only buy the things I need and hopefully acquire everything before this legal battle between New Line and the Tolkien estate gets too crazy. I'd really rather not have some fight over money leave me with a bunch of partial armies. I really should have rented a movie to watch while I work on that, and I still may make a run to the Red Box later on.

And the big news is that my wife is pregnant. She's only about a month along now, so hopefully everything goes well and I can look forward to being a dad right around late October-early November. Of course, that means I will probably not be attending the Tactical Solutions wargaming convention on October 17-19, but there will always be other conventions to attend. I should probably not be playing games ten hours away with my wife so close to having a kid. We've been trying to have a child for around two years now, so we're pretty excited at the prospect.


  1. i'm totally excited for you guys, you have no idea! i hope none of my kid stories scare you. ah, but it's too late now, isn't it? you're going to be parents no matter what, so you might as well just enjoy it.

    oh, and congrats on winning a prize. that would totally make my day!

  2. Congrats - you will make a fine father!