04 February 2008

Jamie sort of tagged me to answer a bunch of questions. Really this post belongs on my wife's blog as I am trying to reserve this space for hobby stuff, but I'm bored at the moment.
1. Where did you meet your wife? We met online, on an LDS singles dating site. She's from Georgia, a fair distance away from Idaho. We found out that we had a mutual friend, as one of the guys I knew as a missionary in San Diego had grown up with her in Atlanta.
2. What was the first thing said? I'm not sure where the original messages are, but I think she sent me a message regarding my fascination with mullets.
3. What was your first date? After a couple months of internet and phone conversations, she caught a ride to Utah with her brother. I drove down to meet her there and we hung out for a few days.
4. How long did you date? I think we talked online for three or four months, then she moved up to Idaho and we dated for another 14 or 15 months after that before we got married. I don't know the exact timeline, as I am bad with dates.
5. Where did you get engaged? At her apartment. I'd been taking her to do her grocery shopping fairly regularly and had a plan to deliver the ring after pretending to buy her something from the gumball machines with the little plastic containers in them, but for some reason she absolutely refused to let me buy anything from the machines. She also kept trying to get my keys out of the pocket that the ring was in because she wanted my Mr. T Talking Keychain, so she was unwittingly foiling my plans to marry her. I finally gave up on my awesome plan and proposed to her after we watched a movie at her place.
6. When did you know you loved each other? Blech. I'm not answering any questions about feelings.
7. What does your ring look like? I was about to leave for Iraq and we didn't have any money, so I bought a silver band from Wal-Mart for $10. It wirks for me.
8. Where did you get married? In the Boise, Idaho Temple.
9. How did the reception go? It was short, which was good. We pretty much had dinner and headed out. The whole thing was planned in like three days.
10. Where did you go on your honeymoon? We didn't really have one. I had to get back to my unit so I could go overseas. We saw the zoo in Atlanta and drove up to Chattanooga, Tennessee for a couple of days where we saw the aquarium and went through a cave. We also saw a reptile museum and an alligator farm. Someday we'll go to San Diego or something and have a real honeymoon.
11. Do you have pet-names for each other? No.
12. What's your favorite thing to do together? We pretty much like to do anything together, although she gets bored at hobby shops and I get bored at craft stores.
13. Do you show affection for each other? Hold it, hold it! What is this? Are you tryin' to trick me? Where's the sports? Is this a kissing book?
14. Do you have a song? Not only do we have a song, we have a greatest hits cd. Scorpions - The Best of Rockers 'n' Ballads.
15. Do you like pygmy goats or regular goats better? I'd have to say pygmy goats. They're like the Mini-Me of goats.

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