04 February 2008

I've been pretty busy this week, but my activities didn't include much in the way of painting. With all the snowstorms work has been pretty hectic. I've been playing a lot of Medieval 2: Total War, but it just seems impossible to win the campaign. I seem to get about halfway through the victory conditions and then the wheels come off of my empire and I wind up struggling to survive. It's frustrating, so I'm taking a break for a while.
My DBA rulebook and Viking army haven't arrived yet. My big box of Easterlings also hasn't arrived. I did get my two copies of Battlegames magazine, though. I ordered issues 2 and 3. The first issue is sold out, but I'm trying to acquire a copy through The Miniatures Page. I could order it as a PDF file, but the collector in me needs a hard copy. I really like the issues I have so far, and I'll probably order a couple per month until I'm caught up to the current issue and start a subscription. The magazine focuses mainly on historical games and has a lot of articles on various aspects of the wargaming hobby, from scenarios and campaign systems to battle reports and suggestions on the various stages of starting and finishing a project. Reading those magazines is really the only hobby-related thing I've done this week. I may try to finish up at least ten Easterlings by the end of the week, but it really depends on how late I have to stay at work over the next few days.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    I'd really like to pick this up, but it's not something that I can get my mits on here in Scandinavia. I don't like PDF files as a replacement for magazines, either - so I have to remain hopeful I will get lucky at some point.

  2. "Battlegames"? GOOD choice.. I'm a big fan..