14 February 2008

I've been pretty lazy on the wargaming front lately. One thing on my mind is the subject of Ancient/Medieval rules, as there's been quite a bit of hype and discussion about a new set of rules called Field of Glory (FoG). It's published by Osprey Publishing, the makers of all those fascinating little booklets on various soldiers, battles, armies, and equipment that act as a great jump into a wargaming period. From what I hear, the production quality is very nice and gameplay feels right for battles in the pre-gunpowder era. Basically it seems to be an answer to Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB).

I'm already somewhat invested in books for WAB, but according to many folks, the game isn't supported very well anymore and future releases are likely to be few and far between. FoG promises to be updated more often with supplements covering various historical eras. But all of my periods of interest already have books out in WAB format so that doesn't really affect me unless I become interested in some new historical period, a development that I don't really anticipate in the near future. FoG doesn't have any expansions that I am really interested in at the moment, as they mostly center around Rome and the late Medieval period. My interests rest in the Dark Ages. But it is hard to resist a shiny new rulebook, especially at the wonderful pre-order price of $23.07. I'll probably wind up sticking with WAB for the moment (by moment I mean the 5-10 years it will take to paint up a couple of armies).

So for historical wargames I will focus on DBA for 15mm and WAB for 25mm. I like the idea of DBA armies because they are so small and cheap. I took my figures from 50 Paces yesterday and sorted them out into their various elements. My plan for now is to paint all of my Easterlings, paint my DBA armies, and then perhaps come up with the terrain pieces for the DBA armies. I haven't actually tried my hand at any terrain-making yet, so that should be an experience. I also need to again make time for reading my history books. I've been pretty scatter-brained lately during any free time I have, so I've not been very productive.

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