15 February 2008

No working on minis today as I have a Fantasy Baseball draft this weekend, and as it's the first one of the year I have to get about 250 players ranked. Tonight I got through all of the batters, and tomorrow I'll try to get the pitchers done. For Valentine's Day my wife got me a nice big set of highlighters, which I've been using to color-code the various statistical projections I've got for the players. She knows me very well.

I've set up the TMP Fantasy Baseball League again and hopefully we'll get a lot of participation. If you are a Miniatures Page member, you can go there to find the thread with sign-up information. Last year the championship came down to the last day of the season. I was able to tie the eventual winner, but his team beat me on the tiebreaker.

I've got another issue of Battlegames magazine on the way, so I've been anticipating that. So far it hasn't arrived, but I can't really expect stuff to get here from the UK in a flash. I was pleasantly surprised when the last two issues arrived as they got here quicker than my package from New Jersey, which got stuck in Salt Lake due to poor weather conditions.

This weekend I'm planning on really busting through these Easterlings, but I know there are several other things that will take up some time. I've got some plans with the wife, I have to do the Fantasy Baseball draft, and I really need to sort through the piled-up projects on my desk and make some sense out of the jumble.

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