23 February 2008

I didn't get any work done on the Easterlings, as our tax refund came in and I had to work out where it all needed to go. That took up all of yesterday evening, and tonight I had to do my grocery shopping after work. I am hopeful that tomorrow I'll have time to get them finished.

I've been having second thoughts about using my spending money from the tax refund on a bunch of Mahud warriors from the Far Harad list in the Lord of the Rings game. The amount of money I have would buy somewhere between 500 and 600 points, but that only adds up to around 30 figures and when you average it out you're paying nearly $5 per model. That's because the Mahud figures are all metal and packaged in blisters rather than boxed sets. For the same amount of money I could buy a big Dwarf boxed set and a Gondor boxed set. Most of those models are plastic and I'd get over 100 figures that add up to over 1200 points. If I did that I would be paying around $1.50 per model and have two complete good armies to do battle with my evil Easterlings and Moria Goblins. Right now I'm thinking that I'll get the Dwarf and Gondor boxed sets with this money and build my Mahud force one blister at a time over the next few months. So tomorrow I'll probably go to Hobbytown and pick up the Dwarves, and at some point I'll order the Gondor Battleforce from The War Store. Hopefully it doesn't get hung up in Salt Lake due to weather like my Easterlings did.

It's that time of year when the baseball cards start coming out and I get that collecting itch again. The last time I got the itch I bought a bunch of cards that were released when I was a kid. The big speculation boom was going on at that time, and so millions upon millions of cards were printed to keep up with the demand. Most of those cards are worthless now, and easily acquired. Anyway, I bought a couple of boxes of cards, opened the packs, and sorted the cards out in numerical order. While I was at work my dog found the box of cards, pulled them all out onto the floor, danced around in the pile, and peed on it. In all my years of collecting cards, I never once completed a set. I'd really like to finish a set one of these days. I do have a coupon from an online retailer that I used to buy Heroclix from for $15 off of any order. I may have to use that and buy a box of this year's baseball cards. I'll probably talk myself out of it, but it's fun to think about.


  1. It's Buddy's thing. He pees on everything we love.

  2. Baseball cards...any recommendations of good places online for selling these? I've got a collection of late 80s-early 90s ones I'm trying to get rid of to pay for more wargaming supplies. ;)