12 February 2008

My DBA armies arrived in the mail today from 50 Paces. I ordered a Vikings DBA army and enough packs to make an Anglo-Danish army. I was impressed by the service I got from them, as they took the time to help me build my army via e-mail. My first order was delayed due to a typographical error, so they refunded my shipping on the second order after e-mailing me to let me know the status of my order.
I also got my Easterlings box set from TheWarStore. One of the Easterling cavalry models has got a broken sword, but I'm pretty sure I can reattach it without too much trouble. The package was delayed by weather in Salt Lake for several days, but it finally reached me.
I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy; now I've just got to find some time and motivation to paint it all up. It'll be nice to have a weekend at the end of this week, as this past weekend I was away playing Army with my National Guard unit.

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