10 June 2006

X-Men III Spoilers, and My Close Encounter With the Hulk

My wife made me go to the movies today, which was good, because I never would have gone to see X-Men III without her making me go. Sometimes wives make you do things that are good for you even if you feel grumpy about it at the beginning. Here's where the spoiler is. I got pretty broken up when Professor X died. I'm not sure what exactly got to me about it, but I had to really work hard not to tear up. Ever since I got back from Iraq I've had moments where I get emotional like that. It doesn't feel very manly. Maybe it's just because I'm a nerd.
Here's my story about meeting the Hulk. When we got to the theater, there was only one lady at the ticket booth, so there was a bit of a line and it was about two minutes after the movie was supposed to start. We were about fifth in line and it took a few minutes to get each group in front of us through. The guy in front of us was a fairly large man (not muscular large, he was all blubber) and had his wife with him. His wife went over by the theater entrance to wait while he bought the tickets. He asked the lady for two tickets, but she only charged him for and gave him one ticket. Apparently he didn't want to miss the previews before X-Men III or something, because he hulked out at her mistake. He punched the window and yelled into the microphone, "That's only one ticket! I told you to give me two tickets! Give me another ticket!" It was amazing, and exactly the sort of display that gives comic book fans a bad name. As soon as she printed the ticket he reached under the window and grabbed the tickets, receipt, and the theater's copy of the receipt and ran through the door into the theater. The lady was so shocked that we had to wait and have another person come into the booth and sell us our tickets. Despite the delay, we still had time to buy popcorn and get into the theater before the previews were half over. But I'm sure the seats we got weren't as good as the seats The Hulk got.

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