08 June 2006

Today we did land navigation, crawled around in the dirt, and threw a few training grenades. The real highlight of the day for me was seeing a couple of huge Black Widows down in badger holes. I am terrified of poisonous spiders, but I love to look at them.
My wife let me get one of the Wal-Mart boxes of baseball cards and I got quite a few cards I didn't have. Now I've got about 260 out of the 400 cards in the 2006 Fleer Baseball set. I also got an Albert Pujols game-used jersey card, which I might try selling to recover some of the cost of the box.
Then I wasted a bunch of the day and stayed up way too late playing Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords. For anyone who likes strategy games, I recommend that you check it out. I especially like building my own spaceships, even if they do die a lot. I am going to be so tired tomorrow.
I'm excited about my new car. I just hope everything goes well and we make it back home in one piece.
I still have the Sisters Repentia Mistress sitting on my desk and I continue to studiously ignore her. I just don't have the motivation to paint that figure. There are too many roadblocks. Maybe in another couple of days I will be able to do it. But right now I'm going to put the pizza away and go to bed.

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