01 June 2006

Red Rick is my Personal Hero

As I mentioned at some point in the past, I was the winner of a prize from Red Rick's website (a link is in my links list). He let me choose $15 of free stuff from any Micro Armour manufacturer. As I haven't really given a lot of thought to my WWII project yet, I chose a couple of sample packs from GHQ. They arrived today, along with a bottle of Leninade. In the U.S. sample pack I got a Sherman, a Dodge ambulance, a 155mm Howitzer, and some infantry. In the German pack, I got a Panther G, an 88, a Kfz15 Radio Car, and some infantry. They are awesome, but extremely small. I may have to look at 15mm for my WWII games. Of course, small could equal easy-to-paint, so I may stick with Micro Armour. But the main point is that Red Rick is the man and you should check out his site, comrades.

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