06 June 2006

I Bought a Car Today

Well, I bought a car today. My wife and I have been watching a bunch of cars on eBay and we've bid on several, but we always got outbid or something. We finally came through on a 1987 Nissan 300ZX. It's got plenty of miles on it and the interior isn't in the greatest shape, but the description says it runs well and that's all that really matters to me. I can buy new seats for $50 or just put seatcovers on them if I'm that bothered by tears and whatnot. With about four hours left the car was only up to about $500, so we put in a bid for a little over $1,000. It immediately jumped up to $780 and then we left for my brother's birthday party (he turned 10 today). Once the car had about 30 minutes left we watched it, fully expecting someone to snipe it at the last minute. But no one else bid and we won it. The only issue we might have is that the car is in Las Vegas, so we'll have to try to get time off of work to fly down there and get it. Hopefully we'll be able to do that this weekend. Then I'll take it to the local Z-car shop and have them look it over and tune it up for me. Hopefully everything goes well with the pickup and drive back home. If not, I'm sure I'll post about it here. Here's a little picture of the car:

As far as hobby stuff goes, I am pretty well hung up on the Sisters Repentia squad. Yesterday or the day before I stripped all of the paint off of the Sisters and started painting the Mistress. I'm having a tough time getting her done up well, though. It seems like she's just not sculpted as well as I'd like, so a lot of parts are very indistinct as to where one detail ends and another begins. It could just be a bad casting, too. I think I'll just have to get through painting this squad as fast as I can so I can move on to other things. Maybe I'll at least finish up the Mistress tomorrow and reprime the Sisters.

I had an odd experience with baseball cards today. I bought a "Fat Pack" of 2006 Fleer at Wal-Mart because I've been working on the set as a little side project to my renewed interest in Fantasy Baseball. Previously I had purchased four of these packs (200 cards) and only received one double. This pack mirrored one of the other packs card for card except for one player. So I basically paid $5 to get one common card for my set. I'm trying hard to be mad about it, but that's life. It just seems interesting that they would be packed like that. I wish they were a little more random.

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