05 June 2006

More Thoughts on Flesh Tones

I think that I'm going to go buy a bunch of the Reaper barbarian and viking miniatures so I can work on painting flesh tones. At the local Hobbytown I cleared off a peg on the wall and put at least 9 or 10 barbarian and viking-type miniatures on it (no worries about messing up their sorting, as there is no organization to their Reaper wall at all). My only problem with buying them is that I don't have much use for them except to practice painting skin. Maybe I'll just get one or two and go from there. Part of the appeal of this hobby is the fact that I can build up my painting skills and thus improve myself as I work on my armies. If I just run away from painting skin I'm selling myself short.
I've come up with a plan for getting a car (or truck) and a motorcycle. I think I've even got my wife to sign off on it as well. For the amount of money I have right now I won't be able to get as much bike as I want and I'll be up a creek when winter comes around and I don't have anything to take to work. So I'm going to hold off on a motorcycle for a while and instead try to find either a little Toyota truck or maybe a sporty little car like a Nissan 300ZX or 240SX.
And now for the master plan for getting a bike. It involves waiting, but I think it'll pay off in the end. I've been considering ending my comic book collecting for a while now because I don't think I get a very good bang/buck ratio from comics, but I couldn't ever take that last step to cancel my monthly order (usually around $100/month). My willpower is a bit weak when it comes to my collections. Due to budget constraints I missed my order last month and I don't think I'll be able to get caught up. The good side of this is that I now have a clean break to jump off of the comic wagon. The other good side is that I can probably sell my collection on eBay and make a fair amount of cash to jumpstart my motorcycle saving. The other other good side is that my wife says we can still put the $100/month from comics into the savings for a bike. It shouldn't take too long to save up some cash and by then I'll have my license and have cash on hand for whenever the right deal swings my way. Ultimately it turns out better than it would if I bought a bike now.
And now for an update on my Fantasy Baseball season so far. It's not pretty. Baseball has always been my weakest fantasy sport as I don't follow baseball very closely. In my main league I'm ranked 10th out of 14 teams and in both of my other leagues I'm ranked 10th out of 12 teams. But, I've made a bunch of changes and learned a lot, so I'm starting to turn things around. I'm looking to at least make the playoffs in my two head-to-head leagues and salvage something out of my Rotisserie league's season, even if all I learn is what to look for in my draft next season.

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