15 June 2006

It Took You Long Enough...

I finally finished the Sisters Repentia that have been giving me so much hassle. The paint jobs aren't great, but the miniatures are finished and they aren't too awful. I at least won't be too ashamed to put them on the table with the rest of my army. The squad seems pretty small because I only have five Sisters in it plus the Mistress. I didn't want to use too many points on this squad, though, because the figures seemed overcosted. I figure I'll bulk up the squad a little by having the Priest attached to them, which makes sense according to the background as well. Since the Sisters Repentia are all about dying gloriously for the Emporer, it would follow that the Priest would run around with them shouting out their last rites and ensuring that they would be rewarded in the afterlife for their actions. Now I can finish up a couple of Skaven units or maybe paint up my first miniatures, a group of 18 Foundry Pirates that I bought almost ten years ago but never painted. I primed them a couple of days ago, so I should be able to paint them up and maybe run a small game of Blood and Swash. But for now I'll bask in the glory of finishing this unit. Here are a couple of pictures:

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