01 March 2009

You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry

I had a long and incoherent post written out, but I think I'll just summarize. Today in the middle of my math homework I came upon a problem that required a graphing calculator. I did not have one, so I had to go shop for one. Then I had to get the flipping package opened. Then I had to learn how to make the thing graph the equations and give me the information I wanted. I haven't been that angry since I got the T-Mobile Wing with Windows Mobile on it. If my blood pressure were any higher the top of my head would pop right off. My neck is so tense that it is cramping. My teeth hurt from all the clenching. So I am going to take a break from math for tonight and perhaps read my White Dwarf magazine and drink a soda.

I spent some time looking at miniatures online today. The 28mm American Civil War figures that are out there are really quite nice-looking, but I think I am fairly committed to 6mm. The ACW lends itself to the massed look of 6mm miniatures. But those larger ones are quite nice.

The new Lizardmen Stegadon from GW is a very neat-looking model, but nothing else about the Lizardmen appeals to me.

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