11 March 2009

I did a whole bunch of math homework today. And no, it wasn't the math of learning to play Star Fleet Battles. It was just math. Like graphing and quadratic equations. I really should take a quiz tonight to be caught up to about where I want to be, but it's nearly 12:30 and that means I've got about 5 hours until the alarm goes off for me to get up and go to work. Tomorrow after work I will have to blast out a bunch of math as well as some other homework, then on Thursday night I have a math test and a three-hour history class. After class I will have to do a bunch of reading, then at some point on Friday I have to take an anthropology quiz and get ready for 9 days of fun with the National Guard that starts that evening. It is a ludicrous amount of stuff and I imagine I will be glad when it's over. The next week is Spring Break at school, but I'll be spending the whole week making up the stuff I miss while I'm playing at being a soldier. Supposedly the unit is going to give the soldiers that are in school time to go to class and get their schoolwork done, but in practice that never happens. I won't throw in a qualifier and say that I'm not complaining, because I certainly am complaining. This is ridiculous. I will probably never take four classes while working full-time and serving in the National Guard again.

I can pretty much guarantee I won't have anything hobby-related to post about until 21 March, so don't be posting comments begging me for updates on my hobby projects. They are dead to me until that day, and probably for some time after that.

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  1. bekah showed us your text. what's quadratics eh? boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew. very funny stuff.