22 March 2009

I made it back from 8 fun days with the Idaho Army National Guard, so I guess that's good. One of the good things about my new day job is that I am able to take paid military leave and earn two paychecks during some of my training. I'm glad to be back home.

In celebration of completing my training I went to Hobbytown and had a look around. I saw that most of their Federation Commander stuff was on clearance. I came away with a fair-sized haul comprised of Romulan Border, Romulan Attack, Klingon Attack, and Squadron Boxes 4 and 6. I have to admit that there is a confusing array of rules, supplements, and figures but I came away with enough parts to actually play a game. Apparently a couple of guys who work with my friend E. A. saw him reading the Cadet Handbook for Star Fleet Battles and expressed an interest in playing. Maybe we'll be able to get a group together and actually play some games.

While I was at Hobbytown I saw a couple of guys starting a game of Warhammer Fantasy. They were setting up like an hour before the store closed, so they were probably not going to finish the game. Then they spent the first fifteen minutes arguing about whether or not the Warp-Lightning Cannon can shoot down a hill. The question could be solved quite easily by looking at the Skaven army book but they chose to argue for a quarter of their playing time based on how they each remembered the rule. The game shop is always a good place to observe odd nerd behaviors.

I babysat the slug-baby for a couple of hours last night while my wife went to the movies. I hadn't babysat him for a long period of time before. It was a learning experience for both of us but we survived and I earned one or two wife points.

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