29 March 2009

A Novel Concept

I generally do almost all of my painting with one brush. It was ordered from Fernando and is a pretty good brush. I've done a lot of painting with it and it's still just about as good as the day I bought it. Today I decided to take a few minutes and slap some green paint on a few figures I've got asssembled. I happened upon a revolutionary idea. I decided to try using a larger brush to paint hte large panels of power armor these Marines are wearing. Lo and behold, using the larger brush cut my painting time by quite a bit without sacrificing much in the way of painting quality. The larger brush is another one I'd purchased from Fernando but hadn't ever used. I generally use a size 0 brush; the larger one is just one step higher, a size 1. I see from the link that they are both out of stock at the moment. It helps to just check every few days and at some point the brush you want will be available. According to the editor of The Miniatures Page most of the expensive red sable brushes (Winsor & Newton and the like) are made in Sri Lanka, which is where Fernando is located. This leads me to believe that the $1.25 brushes I got from Fernando are probably just unbranded versions of those same high-end brushes. That's what I tell myself at least. So my tip for the day is that bigger brushes can save time when painting large areas. And that if you can catch them when they're in supply you can get really nice brushes for really good prices from Fernando.

We had to take Ben to the doctor today. His eyes have been bothering him for a while, and when he woke up this morning they were pretty swollen. He should be fine, but it sure wasn't a lot of fun sitting around at the doctor's office. At least Ben takes things like that in stride, so he wasn't surly and irritable while we waited.

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