30 March 2009

Ernest Money

Out of the ten houses in the valley that fit in our price range there is one that seems fairly decent. We're probably going to put an offer on it contingent on how the inspection goes. The bank wants some Ernest money, but I don't have any of that. I hope in these tough economic times they will accept regular money.

I got a bunch of paint slopped onto my Scouts last night. They're starting to look like proper miniatures. I've been reading articles and looking at armies and it seems that I can paint faster and still have my armies look all right for my purposes. If I try to make every mini a masterpiece I'll never finish a project. New revelations every day.

Yes I know that it's earnest money, but I really love Ernest and bad plays on words, so there you go. RIP Jim Varney.


  1. chris that was an aweful joke. you are under arrest.

  2. They accepted our "regular money" so you should be fine. :)